TruLine .5A TruQuad, 24VDC - Plaster-In LED System

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TruQuad .5A, a versatile 24VDC linear plaster-in LED system, creates glare-free, indoor architectural lighting. The system recesses into 5/8 inch thick drywall without joist modification. May be secured to studs that are spaced 13 – 24 inches apart, or between studs with mounting clips provided. Sold in 1 inch increments from 6 – 400 inches (6 – 384 inches for RGBW). Several color temperature options are available, including 24K – 57K (ELV/010), Warm Dim (ELV), Tunable White (ELV/010/ DMX), RGB and RGBW (DMX). High CRI commercial-grade white or dynamic color-changing LED Soft Strip projects a clean line of light. Coordinate installation with electrician and drywall contractors. Includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty.

Design Note:

TruQuad can be installed on a single surface (wall or ceiling) and allows for the creation of personalized square or rectangular configurations. LED Soft Strip mounts to side wall of the channel,wrapping continuously to create seamless illumination.


Indoor damp or dry locations only. General illumination and architectural accent for kitchens, offices, hospitality, retail, residences, libraries, hallways, and bath/vanity.

Lamp: The average LED Life is 50,000 hours
Watts Lumens 85+CRI 90+CRI 92+CRI 95+CRI RGB RGBW
per Foot per
24K, 35K,
40K, 57K
2K4K 27D, 30D 27K, 30K    
52 169        
5WDC 50 244  
6WDC N/A N/A          

Lumen values are based on the 3000K LED test.

24VDC Power Supply:

White LED system, compatible Electronic Low Voltage Dimming (ELV) 120VAC input:
24V ELV Power Supply Comparison Chart (.pdf)
PSB-60W-ELV-24VDC (60W output)
PSB-100W-ELV-24VDC (96W output)
PSB-2X100W-ELV-24VDC (2X96W output)
PSB-3X100W-ELV-24VDC (3X96W output)
PSB-4X100W-ELV-24VDC (4X96W output)
White LED system, compatible 0-10 Volt Dimming (010) 120-277VAC input:
0-10V Power Supply Comparison Chart (.pdf)
PSB-96W-010-24VDC (96W output)
PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC (2X96W output)
PSB-3X96W-010-24VDC (3X96W output)
PSB-4X96W-010-24VDC (4X96W output)
In-Wall Mounting Kits:
RGB and RGBW LED System:
Remote RGB Power supply with DMX Driver
PSB-100W-24VDC-RGB (100W output)
PSB-2X100W-24VDC-RGB (2X100W output)
PSB-3X100W-24VDC-RGB (3X100W output)
PSB-4X100W-24VDC-RGB (4X100W output)


ELV Dimmers: Legrand: Adorne ADTH700RMTU ; Lutron: DIVA DVELV-300P, Skylark SELV-300P and Maestro MAELV-600. 010V Dimmers: Lutron: Radio Ra2 (with GRX-TVI), Grafik Eye Qs (with GRX-TVI), Diva (with PP20); Nova T; Philips: Sunrise SR1200ZTUNV; Leviton: IP710-LF.

RGB Controls: Touch Screen Controller with Power Supply (CTP), Color Dial Controller with Power Supply (CDP), DMX 1 Zone RGBW Touch Controller (CDMX1-RGBW), or Tunable White Touch Controller (CDMX1-2XK).

Controller Comparison Chart (.pdf)

Included Components:

TruLine .5A Channel(s), Power Channel Connector(s) with Junction Box, Channel Joiners, Mounting Straps, Drywall Screws, LED Soft Strip, and Lens(es)

Major Components Made and Assembled in the USA


This product is made to order

For custom design and layout assistance, send drawings to

Ordering Code

System   Watts Per Foot   Short Side   Long Side   Color Temperature
TL.5A - 2W - 6 X 400 - 27K
TL.5A TruLine .5A   2W 2.5 Watts
5W 5 Watts
6W 6 Watts
  6 - 400 inches
(1" increments)
per side, RGBW
max 384"
  6 - 400 inches
(1" increments)
per side, RGBW
max 384"
  24K 2400K Amber White
27K 2700K Very Warm White
27D 2700K Warm Dim (5WDC only)
30K 3000K Warm White
30D 3000K Warm Dim (5WDC only)
35K 3500K Neutral White
40K 4000K Cool White
57K 5700K Daylight White
2K4K 2000-4100K Tunable White (5WDC only)
RGB RGB (5W only)
RGBW RGB and 20K (6W Only, 384" Max)
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